Tunnel 13

Tunnel 13

To give some background information on what exactly Tunnel 13 is, I’ll give a somewhat brief description.
On October 11th, 1923, twins Ray and Roy D’Autremont and their other sibling Hugh robbed a Southern Pacific Gold Special Train. In the process of their heist, they underestimated the power of stick of dynamite while trying to blow a locked door to the mail car and instead blew the entire mail car up. Three railroad employees were shot dead when they went to investigate the commotion as they were staying the night in the house near the tunnel. They also shot the conductor in the head with a shotgun before fleeing off. Why did they flee despite killing members of the train? Well, there just so happened to be no gold on the train and that their heist had been foiled from the start. In 1927, the youngest brother, Hugh, was captured in the Philippines followed by the arrest of the twins in Ohio.

Where is Tunnel 13 located?

Ashland, Oregon where it is known as Siskiyou Station

Despite where the coordinates lead you, the road leading to it is privately owned and is blocked by a swinging gate meant to keep vehicles out. You can leave you car and continue by foot but only at your own risk. I was debating it but ultimately decided to park off the side of the highway.

Instead of walking all the way around to get to the main road, cut through the trees instead. There’s an obvious hill that will lead you to the tracks.

Ghost Station

At the time I went, there was still snow on the ground that surrounded the area and tracks. For whatever reason, this added a different mood to the scenery and made it more frigid. Without the snow, it looked like an abandon ghost “town”, but with the snow it made it seem as if a weather-based catastrophic event happened that made the previous residents abandon it. Despite being covered with graffiti, the buildings created a haunting atmosphere which added more to the chill factor (pun not intended).

Collapsed Shack


Station House
Graffiti Octopus
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