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Mt. Ashland

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I’ve never been a fan of snowboarding or skiing despite how fun it seems. I’ve been snowboarding once in my lifetime which was on Mt. Hood, but it never clicked with me. So, when the opportunity to go snow shoeing on Mt. Ashland came up, I decided that’s what I wanted to do besides other snow based activities. What I found interesting right away was the fact that I could see Mt. Shasta clear as day off into the distance.

Mt. Shasta

Heading up the road that slowly winded its way around the mountain, I noticed the giant walls of snow on both sides of the road that were at least 6 feet tall. I later ended up finding out that there was a pretty huge snow storm that happened the day before that made it almost impossible for anyone to get through. Luckily there were plenty of snow plowers that were able to clear the path before people started coming through.

Snow Plow

As I reached the parking lot on top, I was taken by surprise as to how small the area was. There was of course more to explore on the mountain, but the parking lot and ski resort didn’t necessarily have enough room to wander around before taking to the mountain. Since this didn’t necessarily matter in terms of my adventure, I went on my merry way to find out just exactly where the path was at for people who wanted to snow shoe. It ended up being next to a separate parking lot that was hidden off to the side on the main road.

I had never been snow shoeing before, but I could only imagine that it was the same thing as hiking except with large amounts of snow. The whole concept of it seemed simple enough, but maybe it would turn out to be more challenging than originally thought. To spare the anticipation, it was.

Enjoying The Mountain’s Scenery

Once I got my foothold and was comfortable enough with walking up the ever so steep path, I decided to stop and give myself a chance to look around and take it all in. The view was gorgeous despite the fact that I wasn’t at the peak of the mountain. The path I was on was on the edge of the mountain so I constantly had a breathtaking view to my left the entire time.

As I continued walking, I encountered two unlikely friends- dogs. There isn’t much to be said about them other than the fact that they seemed to be doing a lot better than I was and were constantly full of energy. Needless to say, I envied them.

Dog With A Glove








Golden Retriever

As I kept walking and awaiting to find a decent stopping point, I saw a rock formation off in the distance that looked like a good resting area. The closer I got, the bigger it ended up being to the point where I wouldn’t be able to climb it without some gear. Since climbing it was out of the equation, I decided to settle for the bottom of it where I could still gain some sort of elevation that would ensure a beautiful view. It was peaceful and quiet at the same time. Not very often do I get a chance to go exploring by myself that is accompanied by a very quiet and relaxing moment, and for that I was grateful. I will admit that it wasn’t the most beautiful view that I’ve seen, but it was certainly the most peaceful.


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