Oahu’s Blissful Island Life

Oahu’s Blissful Island Life

Upon landing on one of the multiple islands that is Hawaii, I noticed something that was vastly different compared to where I was from- the culture. Besides the fact that the employees and basically the surrounding people were dressed in your generic Hawaiian shirts, it wasn’t until after I left the airport where I really started to understand what made the state so special. Like any city, it was cluttered with traffic and people (mostly tourists) but quickly changed as I got to the hotel in Honolulu that, as one might guess, lied right on the beach. Everyone was very warm welcoming and attained to the people’s needs. One could argue that the main reason why they were so friendly was because of it being a hotel and good customer service equals happy customers. While that is true, it was also a hot spot for tourists and was constantly busy for days on end. I would think that at some point the whole “happy service equals happy customer” attitude would have diminished, but I could be wrong. Regardless, their warm welcome made the trip much better in my opinion.

The Adventure Awaits

While being on Oahu meant a beautiful place for leisure, it was also a place that very well demanded to be explored. One of the very first things I did was snorkel in the island’s crystal clear water. Though, it definitely wasn’t something where one could just rent a snorkel and jump in and expect to see everything the ocean had to offer. The first thing us, the tourists, had to do was go through the safety course. The safety course wasn’t meant to protect us though, but rather the oceanic wildlife. We were told to be cautious and aware of the sea life. To not touch any creatures we saw, and to not hold onto the coral to keep us in one place. Once the course was completed, it was now time for what everyone had been waiting for. I equipped my snorkel and mask and tried to find the most secluded spot that wasn’t overflowing with tourists. Believe me, it was as hard as it sounds. Nevertheless, I found my little pocket of space, held my water-proof film camera, and dove right in. I was greeted by mass amounts of beautiful coral that made it seem as if I was teleported into an entirely different world. The sea life that inhabited the coral came in a variety of colors that matched their homes. It was tropical fish haven and all of it was right in front of my eyes. To truly take all of it in, I stopped swimming and let myself stay afloat letting only the slight current move me. Occasionally I would bump into the sharp coral that scraped against my skin, but at that point it didn’t matter to me. What mattered was paying attention to such an elegant underwater world that I had never explored before.

Hike Of A Lifetime

Founded on Yelp, there was a secluded hike that was only accessible through a broken fence at the end of a cul-de-sac in what seemed to be a neighborhood. I know what you might be thinking at this point- “That sounds super sketchy”. To be honest, it was probably one of the few things where I second-guessed myself about 5-8 times. A local came up and asked if the plan was to hike up the trail, to which he was given the simple answer of “yes”. While it was kind of hard to tell what he was saying due to his old age and fast talking, he mentioned that there were wild boars, and that if dog barks are heard then that it means they’re out hunting the said boars. At this point, my mind was going haywire as to if this was something I was really going to do or not. Needless to say, proceeded with the hike I went and to say that what awaited for me was caught me off guard would be a huge understatement. What started off as a simple hike quickly turned into a windstorm to the point where mangos were falling from the heavens, and my feet were slipping and sliding in mud and various amounts of leaves and fruits. Gnats were kind enough to block the path, but slowly dispersed overtime. The trail went from a simple path to entering a world that only made sense if I were on the same island as King Kong. From walking through tunnels of bamboo, to climbing up steep, narrow beaten down paths using tree branches and literal ropes to hoist myself up, it truly was a surreal experience. I went into the hike not knowing what was expected, and left it feeling as if I just conquered Mount Kilimanjaro. It was worth the cuts, bruises, and sweat and is definitely something I would do again. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find the hike’s name on Yelp since then, but one day I will….hopefully.

Swimming In The Lagoon

As my trip started to come to an end, one of the last places that I visited was a fairly decent sized lagoon that fed right into the ocean. It wasn’t exactly secluded, but wasn’t crowded either. It was a warm, clear water lagoon that inhabited a few fish here and there that you could see swim past your legs and would even brush up against you. Though, I wasn’t going to get the adventure I wanted by staying in a small body of water. No, I knew what had to be done so I climbed up the rocks that enclosed 98% of the lagoon from the ocean and right away knew that I wasn’t technically supposed to be on them. At this point, I didn’t want to climb back down without exploring even just a little bit of what was hiding behind these walls and so up and over I went. On the other side was none other than the Pacific Ocean channeling these gracious waves as they knocked into the wall of rocks. Being on the other side with the lagoon, I would’ve never been able to see these waves crash against the wall over and over again. As I stood there admiring them, I casually looked down as the water receded back into the ocean and saw multiple tide pools. They were inhabited by none other than your friendly crustaceans and seemed to not mind my admiration of them. As I stood back up seeing all that I felt was necessary to see, I went back down the rocks and into the lagoon for a quick dip to cool off my burning feet.

The Adventurous Side Of Oahu

While Oahu, specifically Honolulu, has a reputation of being the go-to place for tourists, it has much more to offer than the typical tourist might think. My opinion on not only the island, but what I’m sure applies to the entire state of Hawaii, is that it is a place that everyone should go to at least once in their life time. There’s much more to it than just some cliché tourist attraction, but that all depends on how you make the most of your vacation!

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